I left my full-time job in 2013 to start a venture in education domain, but my first startup failed before its first anniversary.

I was depressed & frustrated after my first failure, but I bounced back and regained my strength.

I was determined to stay around the startups. I joined The Morpheus Gang (a community of entrepreneurs) through my second startup, PocketScience. I spent a good time working with startups and got insights of content marketing.

Few more things that I do…

I love talking about personal finance, spiritual life, education, and entrepreneurship.

I share insightful articles on Entrepreneurship and Growth Hacking.

Some interesting information about me!

  • I was born as a curious child, but schooling system suppressed my curiosity. I don’t like schools & current education system. My son is not going to mainstream school.
  • I wanted to become a scientist in my childhood. I played with chemicals and dreamed about launching rockets.
  • I love Math, Science, and Computer Programming.
  • I always scored least in the English and highest in the Maths.
  • I love discussions on personal finance, making money, saving money, credit cards and stock investments.
  • 80% of my savings are invested in stocks.

Eventually, I became a computer engineer.

  • I landed into IT job where I found no engineering, no innovation, no fun, no life.
  • I left my well-paying job for my startup dream.
  • I failed at my first two startups.
  • Now I am running a profitable online business (CashOverflow)

My Life

  • I love traveling. I traveled solo before marriage. Now we travel on long vacations, document our journey at TravelBuffer.
  • I am a frugal guy but I spend money on my business.
  • I can survive with two pairs of clothes and I have no interest in buying latest gadgets and cars.
  • I enjoy spending time with myself.
  • Best people in my life – My family, friends, and mentors.

Tiny Steps towards a Conscious Life

  • I love talking about philosophy and spirituality.
  • Some people stop drinking alcohol when they are on the spiritual path, But I tried alcohol after I started meditation.
  • I am trying to build a conscious business with the help of my mentors.

What I do these days

  • I am in love with the content marketing.
  • I became a storyteller.
  • I never read books other than academic in my pre-startup life. Now I read more than 24 books in a year.
  • I don’t read newspapers but read a lot of blogs.
  • I don’t watch TV anymore except a few selected movies.
  • I enjoy planting vegetables and gardening. (My next big investment will be into a farm land)
  • I love cooking but nowadays my wife cooks 99% of the food. No doubt she is a better cook than me.
  • Some people call me rude & arrogant, but they fall in love with me when they start knowing me.
  • I may look like a writer but I am not good at grammar. Please excuse my mistakes.